Player Eligibility:

–          Half-Filipino and Quarter-Filipino lineage are welcome. A proof of original/certified copy of birth certificate of the parents/grandparents must be submitted.

–          CA ID/DL is required

–          HEIGHT RESTRICTION: for DIVISION B AND C NO OVER 6ft- any player/s over the height restriction is eligible to play as long as there is no huge advantage on the balance of the team and to the league. Height eligibility must be approved by the committee for the sake of the balance of the league. Otherwise, player/s is not eligible. Any protest must be submitted before the game. Any protest submitted will be placed on PENDING STATUS and will be decided within the week before the next game start and can result a “W” after the decision.

–          For DIVISION A– may allow 1 6’3″ and under player. For imports, please see inform committee for approval.

–          All players are required to play at least three (3) games for screening purposes. If a player has completed at least three (3) games with NO protest from other teams, the player is eligible for the rest of the season including playoffs.

–          All changes in the roster are subject to the League Committee’s approval.

–          Change of roster deadline is on or before the last game of the regular season.

–          Max of 10 players each team. If coach is playing, he’ll be considered as a player too.

–          Team A player/s cannot play on B and C division but B and C can play both division.


Playing Time

–          Two (2), 20 minute half running time.

–          The last two (2) minutes of the second half will have a regulation stop-clock, unless a team leads 10 points or more.

–          The last two (2) minutes of the second half, clock will stop if there’s team timeouts, ref whistled or official timeout.

–          30 seconds shot clock will be implemented on the last two (2) minutes of the 2nd half.


Team Uniform

–          Team must have a uniform WITH NUMBER on it.

–          If team just recently added a player or made some changes on their roster, team is responsible to provide uniform with the same color of the uniform and number on it and make sure there’s no duplicate numbers or else it’ll be a TECH.


Personal Fouls

–          Each player is allowed five (5) personal fouls before leaving the game.


Team Fouls

–          One (1) shot bonus after (7) team fouls per half.

–          Two (2) shot bonus after (10) team fouls per half.

–          Technical foul is considered as a team foul.


Technical fouls

–          Two (2) free throw plus ball possession.


Free Throws

–          Two (2) free throws awarded for act of shooting foul or team penalty.

–          Play resumes on the release of the ball from the shooter’s possession.


Team forfeit

–          Team has 5 minutes grace period to show up on their scheduled game. If team has 4 players available, game can start but will start at (15:00) but if team still doesn’t have enough players before the 2nd half team will be punished. (FORFEIT)- 2 minutes waiting time



–          In OT, team will be given an additional (1) TO. Running time on the first minute. Stop-clock rule on the last minute and 30 second shot clock.


–          A player must check-in at the scorekeeper’s table. Wait for the referee to call all substitution into the game.


Time Outs

–          Two (2) TO per half. NO CARRY OVER RULE.

–          In OT, one TO will be given for each team.


Technical Foul, Un-sportsmanlike act or flagrant foul

–          Any Un-sports-man-like conduct where technical foul is assessed. (will be benched for 5 minutes)

–          An attempted punch, swinging and any act of hitting opponent that does not or does make contact -> team will be default and may cause the whole team out of the whole season. DOESN’T MATTER WHO STARTED! (Player/s who is involved will be banned)

–          Five (5) minute cooling period.

–          Two (2) technical fouls of a player in a game will be ejected from the game.

–          Suspension- player that accumulated 2 technical fouls will be suspended for 1 game. Multiple TF is automatic out of the league.

–          If any player removes his jersey during the game, player will not be able to play the remainder of the game.

–          Player who commits flagrant foul will be benched for 5 minutes before being allowed to return.


Other Misc. game rules and regulations


–          Ref fee must be paid before the game starts.

–          No jewelry is to be worn during the game.

–          Referee’s decision is FINAL.

–          Please respect our referees and officials at any time. Penalty: TECHNICAL FOUL.

–          Only team coach or team captain may approach the referee/scorekeeper/officials for clarifications.

–          Players cannot engage in an argument with a referee.

–          TEAM COACH OR CAPTAIN IS RESPONSIBLE FOR THE CONDUCT OF ITS PLAYERS. TEAM COACH OR CAPTAIN is responsible to discuss all the rules and regulations implemented on the league.


Win over the other

–          Will apply for 2 or more teams that has same standings.


Point System Rule

–         Will apply for 2 or more teams that has same standings after WOTO rule.

–         If team has a DEFAULT WIN we will calculate the points by getting the average score made depending on how many games they already played.


Win by NET

–          Will apply for 2 or more teams that has same standings after the POINT SYSTEM RULE.


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